Helping you get cooperation at the end of co-habitation.

A family law attorney can help you resolve disputes and move forward amicably.

Although you and your partner aren't married, you have acquired assets and debts just like any other couple. When the time comes to move on, how will you divide those items? Can you get help from the court if you need it?

The court may be able to hear an action in partition, meaning a judge or master will decide how real property should be divided between owners in a dispute. We can help you determine whether litigation is absolutely necessary, or whether it may be possible to resolve the property distribution issues by agreement. If settlement is not a possibility, we can guide you through the court procedure, help to ensure you receive a fair judgment.

Unmarried couples need just as much help and guidance as married couples when it comes time to divide their acquired property and debt. Having an attorney who knows how to equitably resolve complicated finances can save you time, money, and aggravation. We take a mediation-type approach to problems like yours, which not only helps to facilitate agreements, it also allows an amicable resolution at the end of a relationship.

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